General Questions:

What are your COVID Protocols?

We have worked closely with the Grey/Bruce Public Health to understand and develop the necessary procedures to keep you safe during this difficult time.  COVID-19 has altered some of the steps we take but has had no impact on the service you will receive.  Please visit to see a full check list of the required guidelines for a Nail Salon.

I can’t wear a mask/face covering, can I still book an appointment?

Yes, you absolutely can! We appreciate and respect that not everyone can use the face covering protocols. We ask that during the booking of your appointment that you identify yourself as an individual unable to wear a face covering before selecting a date/time. You are not required to give us details of the reason. In order to accommodate you and to be certain that we are following Grey Bruce Health guidelines we may ask that you book your appointment during a time when we have little to no other clients in the salon to allow for the ultimate conditions to keep you, our staff, and other clients protected. If you are booked during a time when other clients are in the salon, we will do our best to place you in a location furthest from other patrons. Please keep in mind that we all have to be considerate of everyone’s health, including our staff, clients and the general public.

Where are you located?

We have 3 salon locations in Bruce County.

Angelic Nails and Spa
537 Goderich St. Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C4

Aloha Nails and Spa
778 Queen St. Kincardine, ON N2Z 2Y2

Atlantis Esthetics & Eatery
170 High St. Southampton, ON N0H 2L0

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 7 days a week.

Monday to Friday 9:30am to 8pm

Saturday 9am to 6pm

Sunday 10am to 5pm

We are open most holidays except for Christmas and New Year’s Day. However, please check with the Salon regarding exact Holiday Hours.

How many appointments can I schedule at one time?

We encourage wedding/birthday/bachelorette and all other special occasion appointments. Bring your family and/or friends! We have up to 10 pedicure chairs and 10 manicure stations and multiple rooms for our additional services such as waxing, eyelash extensions, and facials. (please note during this time social distancing is required and some stations will not be available to allow for this)

Do you offer any specials or promotions?

YES! We often run special prices and promotions for our services. Some promotions are ongoing throughout the year such as our Cash Discount, and others will run for a short period like our christmas voucher program. Check with your technician to be made aware of all current options. Or view the Promotions information in the menu at the top of the page.

Can I purchase a gift certificate online or over the phone?

You can purchase a gift card over the phone and online. Visit the gift card option in the menu at the top of the page. These gift cards are emailed either to yourself the purchaser or to the recipient and are all issued an individual bar code that is fully traceable. Accidentally delete the email? No problem, we can resend them to you. Want to purchase an electronic gift card in person? We can do that too! We do also have the standard paper options, but these do not offer the unique barcode for tracing purposes.

Do you offer Paraffin Hot Wax and what are the benefits?

Yes! We offer Paraffin Hot Wax as part of our Signature Services, as an extra add-on service, or as a service on its own.

Paraffin wax is completely safe and beneficial for the skin. It does not need a high temperature to melt making it safe to apply without the risk of getting burned. People with extreme sensitive skin should be cautionary as it could result in a heat rash. The immediate benefits from a Paraffin treatment include exfoliation, locked in moisture and improved skin elasticity. It can be used to increase blood flow, relax muscles, minimize muscle spasms, and reduce chronic inflammation pains such as effects from fibromyalgia, sprains, arthritis, but is not recommended for pains from acute injuries, diabetic neuropathy or if there are open wounds or rashes.

Do you offer Men’s Services?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of Men’s Services up to and including Manscaping! Please visit our Services Page HERE to see details regarding Men’s Services.

Do you offer Children’s Services?

Yes!  We offer a specific line of manicures, pedicures, and polish services for children aged 10 and under. Please visit our Services Page HERE to see details regarding Children’s Services.

Where can I see your price list?

Please visit our price list page


What is the difference between the 3 types of Manicures?

Please click HERE for a link to our Price List page which outlines the details of each manicure and what it includes.

What is the difference between Solar and Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic Nails are a mix of powder and a liquid that are mixed to create a thick gel-like substance used on top of nail extensions to create any length and shape you desire. Solar Nails use the exact same method (powder and liquid) but the chemical make-up of the powder is healthier than Acrylic. Solar nails will not turn yellow, are very durable, and only require a fill every few weeks and a layer of polish isn’t required, although without it would leave the nail looking very plain.

What are the pros and cons of an artificial/acrylic/solar/bio gel nail?

Acrylic nails can last for up to 4 weeks They sometimes look less natural
They are very hard and resistant to damage When applied, the process can involve unpleasant chemicals and fumes
They provide a smooth surface for applying nail art They can cause damage to natural nail beds
They cure fast under a harmless LED light The removal process also involves soaking in acetone
Clients can choose the length and shape of the nail They are more expensive than other treatments

What is the difference between the Solar and Bio Gel Nails?

Biogel is a sculpting gel that is very durable and is cured with the help of UV/LED lights. The gel sets very smoothly giving you a close to “real” looking nail. Because the gel is created using natural products, such as seaweed, it helps to protect and strengthen your own nail. Solar Nails do not offer the same health improvements for your own nail but are slightly stronger than a biogel nail.

How often should I have my nails filled?

The answer for this question is different for each individual. The average is approximately 3 weeks, however it depends on your own nail growth and need for changing or maintaining the artificial nail.

My fingers are sore/sensitive/hurt after getting a new set of artificial nails applied. Why?

After an artificial nail is applied to your nail bed you may experience a tightening sensation due to the acrylic/solar powder/bio gel forming a seal to your nail. This new and sudden tightening may cause your nails to feel sore or sensitive for 24 hours. This is more common in younger individuals or anyone who is having their nails done for the first time. Although this may happen from time to time, it should not happen every time you have your nails done. If this is the case there could be another reason such as an allergy.

How old do you have to be to get artificial nails?

There is no set age limit. However, when you are young we recommend the nails to be fairly short as you will need to learn how to use your fingers in different ways if they are long. Also if the nail is unbalanced, (more length past the tip of the finger than the length of the nail bed) there is greater risk of injury should the nail break.

I broke my real nail, can it be saved?

Once the nail has reached a point/length that is safe or long enough you can go back to the natural nail. If you already have an artificial nail when the break happens it is important to have a trained technician carefully remove the nail to ensure no further damage. In almost all cases the nail itself cannot be saved. No amount of glue will guarantee the broken nail does not catch, rip, tear, break further than it already has. However, there are products that we offer that can be laid over the broken nail to keep it together while it grows.

My artificial nail is turning yellow, why and how do I fix it?

Regardless of whether you have natural or artificial nails there are things that can yellow a nail. Cigarette smoke, fungal infections, colour reactions, and UV Rays. Soaking the finger in lemon juice and baking soda can remove the stain for all except fungal infections. This situation would be accompanied by thickening of the nail, crumbling or even the nail bed retracting.

How do I stop biting my nails?

To quick biting your nails is different for everyone because there are different reasons/triggers that cause us to do it in the first place, but here are some helpful suggestions;
a. Keep your nails trimmed neat and short, you can do this with regular manicures. This can eliminate the desire to chew off uneven edges, or extra growth that you see.
b. Apply a Gel/Shellac Polish. This is a liquid that hardens to the nail and may make it tougher to bite through.
c. Apply a bitter tasting anti-bite polish. The taste will hopefully help keep your fingers away from your mouth.
d. Keep artificial nails. Acrylic/Solar/Bio Gel nails are thicker and very difficult to bite through.
e. Identify the triggers and replace the nail biting with good habits. Keeping an emotion journal can help with this process.

I have weak nails but I don’t want artificial nails/tips/extensions, what can I do for strength?

The best recommendations will come from us being able to see the quality of your nails. However there are two potential options.

1. Gel Polish: acts as if it were a liquid acrylic and hardens to the nail under a UV/LED light. This hardening effect will not only make your nail look stronger and shiny but give some added strength.

2. Solar Dip: After applying a base coat to your nail we dip your finger into a Solar Powder (half of the ingredients used to build a solar artificial nail) giving it a very thin layer that hardens and is stronger than your nail.

Please note that neither of these options will add strength to your own nail. Strengthening your own nail is done through staying hydrated (both with drinking water and using lotions on your skin), diet, and minimizing the amount of time your nails are in water.


What is the difference between Regular Polish and Gel Polish?

The ingredients in Regular and Gel Polish vary from brand to brand, however the major difference is that Gel Polish needs direct UV/LED light to dry/cure whereas Regular Polish needs to air dry. Think of Gel Polish as a liquid acrylic that hardens to your nail making it last much longer with less chance of chipping or peeling. Gel Polish is more complicated to remove as well. If the formula is not dissolved properly the nail can easily become damaged.

Why does Gel Polish not last as long on me as it does someone else?

There are many enemies to Gel Polish. Hot water is one of them! Long baths, showers or time in a jacuzzi can increase the likelihood of the gel to lift. Other harsh chemical or abrasive tasks can also cause Gel Polish to weaken or chip. Additionally our own bodies can sabotage the success of Gel Polish. Sebaceous glands are found in our skin all over our bodies and are responsible for oil production. If your glands are quite active you may also experience difficulty with Gel Polish lasting. In this scenario you would see large pieces lift and peel off the nail rather than chipping. (This is very common in children)

My nails are damaged after having Gel Polish on them, why did this happen?

The good news is that Gel Polish itself cannot harm your nails. Picking, peeling, or removing them incorrectly can definitely harm the nail. Picking will inevitably peel away a part of your natural nail leaving it thinner and weaker. Attempting to remove Gel Polish yourself at home can be harmful too. Thanks to the chemical resistance of the Gel Polish it can’t be easily wiped away with acetone and must be filed and/or literally soaked in acetone for several minutes to loosen the hardened gel from the nail. Once it has been soaked it still requires the proper tools to take the gel off the surface of the nail. It’s a bit of a process, but it’s so important to remove gel nail polish the right way rather than just picking it off.

What types of designs can I get at your salon?

We have several very skilled technicians that focus on free hand designs using many different types of products. We have over 1000 different options available to you. Our motto is, if you can vision it, we can create it! We love a good challenge too! Please click HERE to go to our gallery of photos.

How much will my design cost?

Designs cost varies. The average two finger (one on each hand) design will cost $8. The cost of design takes into consideration the complexity of the request and the products needed to achieve it. Click HERE to go to our gallery and see our work!


What is the difference between the 3 types of Pedicures?

Please click HERE for a link to our Price List page which outlines the details of each pedicure and what it includes.

How often should I have professional manicures/pedicures?

For the optimal nail health professionals recommend every 2 to 3 weeks for manicures and pedicures. However, the frequency should be determined by your personal habits and needs. Are you hard on your hands/feet? Stand all day? In water or other materials frequently? Are you prone to dryness or cracked skin? Do you suffer from ingrown nails if not maintained? Speak with your technician to determine a care plan that best suits you as an individual.

I have ingrown toenails, will you remove them?

There is a two part answer for this question.

a. All ingrown nails should be reviewed with a health professional as they can cause significant discomfort and lead to greater foot/nail issues.

b. When shaping the nail, cutting and filing is part of the process. The pain from an ingrown nail can be relieved from the process as it will cut away any part of the nail digging into your skin. This process is included in our pedicure process. If the nail requires any additional work it is our recommendation that you seek the appropriate specialist option as mentioned in the previous statement.

I think I have foot fungus, can I still get a pedicure?

If you suspect fungus on your foot or toe nails we encourage you to seek appropriate medical opinion. Fungus can be contagious and harmful to yourself and others. Please do not book a pedicure if you have known and/or untreated fungus without seeking proper medical attention. In some cases diet and other environmental concerns can cause issues that appear to be fungus. Although we work with feet every day we do not have the medical training necessary to diagnose your condition.


What is the difference between the types of Eyelash Extensions?

Classic: 1 false lash to 1 real, natural look but will give length and colour for those who prefer not to wear makeup.

Hybrid: Combination of Volume and Classic, fuller than classic but still a natural look with added “fluff”.

Russian Volume: 2 or more false lashes to 1 real, more dramatic look adding length, thickness, and colour.

Russian Mega Volume: 8 false lashes to 1 real lash, extreme volume and thickness, for a run-way/bride look.

Please click HERE to go to our Eyelash Extension page for even more information!

What is tinting and how long does it last?

Tinting can be done on your eyebrows and/or lashes. It is a relatively quick (max 30 minutes) process where a dye is applied directly to the brow and is allowed to sit for a few minutes until the colour takes effect. The lashes require a few more steps as a protective eye pad will be applied to protect your skin. A discussion with your technician regarding desired outcome, current skin/hair/eye colour will determine the dye selected for each individual.

Tinting dye should typically last between 4 and 6 weeks. Of course, proper aftercare treatment can help the dye last to its full potential. Wear a hat and/or sunglasses. UV light can fade the dye faster. Be sure to use gentle oil free cleansers and make-up removers and avoid exfoliating the area.

What is an eyelash lift, is it safe and how long will it last?

Eyelash lifts are intended to create that effortless but natural “I woke up like this” look by lifting and curling your natural lashes. It is recommended to do a tint to darken the effect but is not required. Your technician will select a curl rod perfect for your length of lash. A lifting solution is applied to your lash after very carefully applying a protective eye pad and curling rod to your lashes. (Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds as your eyes remain closed during the entire procedure, but yes some chemicals are used.) The process will take 45-60 minutes but it is recommended that you test the solution on your skin 24/48 hours in advance to ensure no reaction.

Just like lash extensions, the amount of time they last depends on how quickly your lashes grow/fall out and regrow. They typically last 4 to 6 weeks when following the best recommendations for aftercare. You should avoid water or mascara for at least 24 hours after completing the procedure. We recommend lash oil/serum to keep lashes nourished and conditioned.

What is an Eyelash Lift/ Lift & Tint?

Think of a lash lift as a perm for your eyelashes. And just like a perm (in moderation) will not destroy your lashes. A lash lift alters the shape, a tint enhances the colour of your lashes. Natural lashes grow outwards instead of up and the tips are often blonde for everyone. The perm lifts the lash upward and the tint gives the illusion they are longer simply by making their full length more apparent. The effects are to make your natural lashes look thicker, longer, darker than they are on their own and will last up to 6 weeks. The first 24-48 hours after a lift/tint are crucial in how long they will last. Avoid mascara, showers, heavy sweating, and steamy areas. After the 48 hour period we recommend brushing your lashes daily.

Should I get an Eyelash Lift/Tint or Eyelash Extensions?

Both treatments achieve similar goals. Longer, fuller and more alluring lashes, however they work very differently from one another. A lash lift involves the curling and perming of your natural lashes making them appear longer and fuller. Eyelash extensions involve bonding of individual lashes with a false lash which can be a ratio of 1:1 up to 1:16 making them physically fuller and longer. So lash lifts enhance your natural lashes and eyelash extensions can be used for a natural make-up look or a rather dramatic effect. Ultimately it’s up to individual preference.

How often should I have my Eyelash Extensions Filled?

Although the decision is ultimately yours to decide when you’d like to fill them in, we recommend 2 to 3 weeks. As you can see from our menu, we offer 2, 3, and 4 week refill options, however 4 weeks is pretty much a new set. Style of lash can also change the recommendation. The fuller the lash (Russian Volume for example) the more noticeable it will be when you begin to have lashes fall out. That being said, this style would be best to not wait more than 2 weeks.

How do I take care of my Eyelash Extensions?

In order to ensure the best results with your new extensions please read and follow the tips and instructions below.

  • Do not allow lashes to get wet for 12-24 hours
  • Avoid steam – no spas, saunas, hot tubs, hot yoga, or cooking in a steamy kitchen. Steam will affect the adhesive from bonding properly
  • Do not perm, or tint your lashes before or after lash extension application
  • Do not rub your eyes or lashes when washing your face – cleanse around the eyes with a washcloth or Q-tip
  • Do not pull on your lash extensions – as you’re likely to pull out your natural lash with it
  • Do not use mascara on your lashes other than the one recommended by your technician
  • Do not use waxy, greasy, or oil based eyeliner or eye shadow during and beyond the first 48 hours, this compromises the adhesive and will result in lash extension loss
  • Do not remove the extensions on your own
  • Do not cut your extensions, you risk cutting your own lashes and altering the natural appearance of the lash extensions
  • Always brush your lashes in the morning and at night

How long does a Brow Tint last?

A brow tint should last between 3 and 8 weeks. There are several factors that can impact how long your tint may last.

a. Products used on your face (make up, make up remover, cleanser. Moisturizer etc.)

b. How hard you scrub your face

c. Amount of exposure to sunlight

d. Your skin’s reaction to exposure to sunlight

e. How quickly your hair grows and sheds

Do you offer threading?

We do not offer this service at this time, however we do have a full line of hard & soft wax options available.


What is the difference between the Facials?

Please click HERE to go to our Facial page for even more information!

Is it ok to wash my face/shower after a facial?

It is encouraged to wash your face with water 3-4 hours after a facial to remove any excess oils that may still be coming from your pores. But avoiding steam is also an important thing and we recommend waiting until the next day before showering.

What should I be aware of after a facial?

a. Avoid Steam: you’ve likely already been exposed to steam during your facial. Adding more could lead to irritation or broken capillaries. Avoid immediate showers, steam rooms, and gyms (increased heat and sweat can cause the same irritation)

b. Avoid Hair Removal: Having a hair removal treatment immediately after a facial that has already removed dead/old skin cells revealing new cells will most definitely cause burning and irritation. Hair removal and facials should be spaced out by 24-48 hours.

c. Avoid direct sunlight: Although it’s recommended to protect yourself from harmful UV rays on a regular basis, after a facial it is crucial to protect your new skin cells from serious sun damage. It can put you at risk of melanoma and will accelerate lines and wrinkles. We recommend a minimum of 30SPF after a facial.

d. Avoid picking your skin: During your facial your technician will extract any blackheads or pustules that are close enough to the surface to safely remove. Anything left behind should not be poked or squeezed. Every time you do this you spread bacteria and increase the risk of scarring.

e. Avoid home peels and retinol: Your skin needs at least 1 week to heal before you consider at home treatments, any sooner and these products can do more damage than good. Instead focus on protecting the moisture by using facial oils, hydrating mask treatments and rich moisturizers. (unless otherwise directed by your technician)


What type of wax do you use for hair removal?

We offer two types of WAX. Hard and Soft. Here are some things to know about the different types of wax.

a. Hard Wax: Applied warm with a thicker consistency. A spatula is used to apply the wax but once cooled/hardened it is removed without a strip. It should only be applied in small areas or the wax could break. Hard wax is better for grabbing shorter hairs.

b. Soft Wax: This is the most common type thought of when thinking about body waxing. This type of wax does tend to be sticker than hard wax and is applied with a spatula then removed with a muslin strip. It can be applied in large areas and adheres to hair growing in different directions well. Because it adheres to skin as well as hair it also provides exfoliation.

What are the benefits of waxing to remove hair?

Simply put waxing can save much needed time in your at home routine but it offers many other benefits too;

  • Less regrowth
  • Finer regrowth
  • Waxing is like exfoliation
  • Fewer ingrown hairs
  • Waxing says goodbye to regrowth or rash itching
  • Waxing means no more shaving cuts
  • It’s an opportunity for pampering and you time

What is the difference between a Bikini and an Extended Bikini Wax?

The bikini line wax removes hair visible outside of a bathing suit or underwear. The extended bikini removes more hair from the sides of the bikini area, and a thin line of hair from the labia. The majority of the hair on the labia will not be removed.

What is the difference between a Bikini/Extended Bikini and a Brazillian?

The bikini wax removes hair visible outside of a bathing suit or underwear. (sides and top) A Brazilian wax is the removal of all the hair from your pubic area (top, sides, and front, and the hard to reach areas in the back) leaving your entire pubic area bare.

Is waxing my face safe/harmful?

Waxing is just one of the many options besides shaving, plucking, and depilatories but is a great option for the face. It can remove a lot of hair at once or target very specific areas. It creates minimal regrowth as hair after waxing should be softer, thinner, and lighter. Over time it can lead to the end of regrowth completely as waxing can damage the hair follicle. The skin on the face is sensitive so waxing can hurt, cause redness/irritation, bumps and even sun sensitivity.

What is the best way to treat freshly waxed skin?

Keeping any area freshly waxed, clean and cool is the utmost of importance. Friction, heat, and particles can increase irritation, bumps, rashes, and ingrown hairs. Avoid perfumed products such as lotions or creams. If the irritation is great, you can apply a cortisone cream, found at your local drug store, to reduce inflammation. TeaTree oil or Aloe Vera if applied immediately has a cooling effect to a freshly waxed area. Stay out of water if you can for 12 hours. Salt from the ocean, or chemicals from a pool can cause further irritation. Most importantly, DON’T TOUCH! Your hands are covered in bacteria, and the waxed area has been freshly exfoliated and free of particles.

I have a lot of ingrown hairs after being waxed, how can I stop this from happening?

Although ingrown hairs are more common with shaving, when it happens after waxing the care is just the same. It more often happens where the hair is the thickest and is a result of the hair growing in the wrong direction or does not break through the skin’s surface. Unfortunately there is no set amount of time for ingrown hairs to go away. Not touching or picking will certainly improve the amount of time it takes to heal. We encourage a preventative treatment plan before the waxing occurs rather than a reactive one. Exfoliate and cleanse the area well before the waxing session. You should do this for 2 to 3 days leading up to your appointment. Keep the area well hydrated. Wear loosely fitting clothing before and after the wax. And if you’re prone to ingrowns there are serums you can apply specifically for this issue.

How do I remove wax from my skin?

Simply dip soak a cotton pad with mineral, massage, or olive oil and saturate the area for approximately 2 minutes followed by wiping clean with a dry cotton pad.