Classic Lashes

Hybrid Lashes

Volume Lashes

Eyelash Extensions Descriptions

Classic: One false lash to one real, natural look but will give length and colour for those who prefer not to wear makeup.

Hybrid: Combination of Volume and Classic, fuller than classic but still a natural look with added “fluff”.

Russian Volume: Two or more false lashes to one real, more dramatic look adding length, thickness, and colour.

Russian Mega Volume: Eight false lashes to one real lash, extreme volume and thickness, for a run-way/bride look.

Whispie: This is a technique used to give different lengths at different points across the natural eye line. Most common effects are to make them look “spikey” or to be shorter in one corner and longer in the other.

Colour: This is a fun effect that applies bright bold colours to the lash extension. The base of each extension applied to the lash line remains the same and extends into a coloured tip for a flirty and fun effect.

Gemstone: Similar to the coloured lash extension with the fanned out extensions being applied to the natural lash, however the tips of these lashes have tiny silver/gold gemstones applied. Perfect for that photo shoot, costume, or drama flare you’re looking for.

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