Simply put waxing can save much needed time in your at home routine but it offers many other benefits too;

  • Less regrowth
  • Finer regrowth
  • Waxing is like exfoliation
  • Fewer ingrown hairs
  • Waxing says goodbye to regrowth or rash itching
  • Waxing means no more shaving cuts
  • It’s an opportunity for pampering and you time

We offer two types of WAX. Hard and Soft. Here are some things to know about the different types of wax.

Hard Wax: Applied warm with a thicker consistency. A spatula is used to apply the wax but once cooled/hardened it is removed without a strip. It should only be applied in small areas or the wax could break. Hard wax is better for grabbing shorter hairs.

Soft Wax: This is the most common type thought of when thinking about body waxing. This type of wax does tend to be sticker than hard wax and is applied with a spatula then removed with a muslin strip. It can be applied in large areas and adheres to hair growing in different directions well. Because it adheres to skin as well as hair it also provides exfoliation.

Bikini vs Brazillian

The bikini line wax removes hair visible outside of a bathing suit or underwear.  The extended bikini removes more hair from the sides of the bikini area, and a thin line of hair from the labia. The majority of the hair on the labia will not be removed.

The bikini wax removes hair visible outside of a bathing suit or underwear. (sides and top) A Brazilian wax is the removal of all the hair from your pubic area (top, sides, and front, and the hard to reach areas in the back) leaving your entire pubic area bare.