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How it Works-Super Dermatology

Super Dermatology works in many different ways!

Super Dermatology, helps the skin become fresh and youthful looking again, and aids in rejuvenation to aged skin that produces less collagen. It helps the skin become fresh and youthful looking again. Thus, resulting in the appearance of fine lines, unwelcomed wrinkles, folds and furrows. In addition to this, the light from our laser machine will stimulate cells which are called fibroblasts. They lie deep within the skin, this is what produces more collagen. Therefore, new collagen produced starts moving, towards the skins surface. Resulting in smoother texture, smaller pore size, and reduced wrinkles. Along with this treatment an Advanced Cooling system assists in cooling the skin during the treatment for longer periods of time, minimizing the risk of burns.

Written by: Amber K