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Lip Plumping

Lip plumping has become the new hit trend around the world. Older and younger generations are looking for fuller plumped lips because youth has become associated with naturally fuller lips.  Additionally, people feel thin lips look unattractive, but they aren’t aware that aging and loss of collagen are just a few of the reasons why lips become thin. In addition to this, our technicians can help you with both collagen loss and the aging process. Subsequently, with a non invasive laser procedure can help fix your thinning lip issues and worries.

First and foremost, the treatment is done from the inside of the mouth and the outer area as well. The laser energy utilizes heat, targeting the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate the increased production of the collagen.  Collagen is essential for skin laxity, volume, and anti-aging. The loss of collagen caused by aging is a natural phenomenon.  After the age of 20, a person produces 1% less collagen per year.  Ensuring we have enough collagen helps us maintain a more youthful appearance, and the lips are no exception.  Having enough collagen in our lips can give us tighter, voluminous, and smoother lips.

To achieve full visibly plump lips, it is essential to have weekly treatments for six weeks and at least one treatment ever three months for maintenance treatments. Keeping a regularly scheduled treatment ensures the continued fullness of your lips.  It is a gradual treatment process that results in subtle and less visible effects in the first weeks but becomes more evident after a few sessions, giving you not just fuller lips but also smoother ones. It is quick, convenient, virtually painless, and delivers a natural way of having enhanced lips.


Written By: AK